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Asbestos is renowned for its many qualities and its unique characteristics that no other fiber can offer. However, asbestos fibers are a health hazard if the emanations are inhaled. To counteract this inconvenience, an invention, which is as efficient as it is simple to execute, has been created namely Method for preventing asbestos from freeing airborne particles® Additionally, to this be able to intervene to eliminate the causes emanation of dangerous toxic asbestos particles                                                                    

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Through a patented thermal treatment, this forward-thinking concept, detoxify dangerous goods asbestos particles fibers. Controlling substance toxic particles [Hazmat] in a definite way of airborne fibers, which was its major inconvenience.


In a manner that is delicate and progressive, this process alters this pre cious mineral keeping its properties and characteristics, include mass and volume. Want to learn more about consequenceasbestos exposure prevention [Source ADAO]

Concerning domestic asbestos inspection [Ontario Labour]         The products based of chrysotile substances can locate and assess the condition of the materials likely to contain, such as: insulation, flocking, false ceiling, seals, interior walls, flooring, pipes, etc... . Therefore, this substance retains its original qualities: it is fireproof, it resists alkaline and acid solutions attack, it has a low electrical conduct and it has lifetime efficiency. Also, it’s lightweight, volume, insulating qualities and the form of its fibers are by no means changed 

Substance [asbestos ore] is divided into two groups:

Serpentine: Serpentine fibers are long, flexible and curved. These fibers can be woven together. The main type of serpentine is white asbestos included chrysotile [Carcinogens and toxic] which is the main type of asbestos used in manufacturing.

Amphiobole: Amphibole fibers are straight and stiff. These fibers are generally brittle and rod- or needle-shaped, which limits their commercial usefulness. In addition, this type of fiber it [more airborne] is more harmful to health.

There are 5 subtypes of amphiobole asbestos :                                                                                                       Crocidolite [blue asbestos], Amosite [brown asbestos] Actinolita,  Anthophyllite, Tremolite    

Also, the various varieties all have a common characteristic, or to be harmful to health if their dust or particles are inhaled. Incidentally, the asbestos fibers released into the environment can contaminate the air, soil, water and food. The average diameter of an asbestos fiber is 0.02 to 0.1 microns, or 400 2 000 times smaller than a human hair [40 microns].                                                                                                                                                                                                          Contamination may vary performed maneuvers rather low for handling objects with encapsulated asbestos such as tiles. We go at moderate, when work on an insulated pipe to asbestos, also the passage of cables in false ceilings. Finally, much more, risky when there are cleaning operations with a ventilation system of a building flocked asbestos, similarly during demolition activities, percussion or sawing pieces containing encapsulated asbestos.                                                                                                American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists [ACGIH] recommended, for significant exposure to any type, « width ratios of 5:1 are counted. Air concentrations of asbestos fibers in ambient (typical) air are 0.00001 to 0.0001 fibers per milliliter (fiber/mL). The recently established exposure limit for U.S. workplaces is 0.1 fiber/mL. »                                                     



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Learn more...                                                                            Consequences on the health                                                                 Impacts of airborne asbestos particles                                                                          The History of the Ban on Asbestos.                                                              Breathing this hazardous dust has long-term direct health effects. However, they are directly linked to several forms of cancer tumors especially of the lung organs, such as asbestosis, pleural mesothelioma, as well as of the pleura. To learn more about the symptoms, an examen, and diagnostics, also, be supported by mesothelioma specialists in anticipation of planning to receive treatment, here is a useful link. [Source The Mesothelioma Center]    

Injury claim & settlement process                                                                                                                

For potential victims there is a primary types of mesothelioma claims ; product liability, medical malpractice, workers compensation and wrongful death.

Need to learn more about filing a claim or lawsuit. For United States citizens, if you have a specific question about your case, there is an injury attorney or expert attorney contributors to give you more information.  [Source Injury Claim Coach]


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