Method for preventing asbestos from freeing airborne particles®

[Crumbly asbestos] Together we work on this major problem because at this time, no one come up with a solution. From few decades trying resolved this airborne particles problematic, the majority of the research centers couldn’t win on both worlds, keeping mineral properties at the same time control the matter freeing particles.

However, the new specific items used asbestos in design, consequently the dangerous [mortal if regularity breathing]. For these new innovative products  we prior to fully develop the method for neutralized the toxicity of asbestos fibers.

This highly specialized recipe is the solution, without any damage asbestos fibers, on the other hand, totally controlling the volatility of the particles. This work [technique] classify green technology is a low-energy for operations, no pollution for water, air and ground.

The picture shows the customized-made, damp-proof allowing them to work areas totally clean from contamination, fully equipped for samples during each experimental operation. Each airtight tool had a specific operation first for toxic and other to detoxification activities.

Specialized firm contracted to assist operations, sampling and analysis of the receptacle [containing asbestos particles] in specialized laboratory. The experiment was a successful conclusion.

More recently, World Hearth Organisation, increasingly country around the world ban all sort of usage products from asbestos. Since July 2015 Canada join the list of other countries, classify [asbestos] chrysotile dangerous goods [hazardous materials]. 





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