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Method for preventing asbestos from freeing airborne particles ®


Functioning of the [detoxify] patented concept:

  • Clean the asbestos fibers of the foreign bodies as most as possible of other various materials, metals, debris, rocks etc...
  • Prepare the chrysotile according to the beginning of various stages of an procedure.
  • Follow meticulously the PATENTED work proceeding 
  • The quantity of asbestos to be treated is established according to the capacity of the heating unit

Benefits of this concept:

We had a friendly approach to work with matter. This specific process is far forward thinking is a perfect counterpoint to all others existing at this time.

The philosophy has given and take, working freely with fibers control, then eliminate major dangers of friability. Then after the metamorphose complete, the matter could     be easy to repossess and will be recycling, be apart for saving the planet.   


How this procedure distinguishes itself from its competitors:

The rigorous works [prototype development] upraising the concept, one of a kind of the world. Astounding, seen this advance concept provides total control of airborne particles movement, direction to the ground. Furthermore, the matter keep all of its physical characteristics and properties.  

Strong lead « One stone kills two birds » both advantages, health for humans [cancers] and environment [recycling] for the planet. 


A fast growing concept:

An contribution unargarbly;

Work in progress [experimental prototype] our rigorous on the precision work and accuracy lead us to a technological advancement up to one of a kind in the word. The total success came with a perfect timing and meticulously accomplishment and modeling on specific samples in the fully insulate testing site equipped with specific tools. The stake of art in this work standing about controlled airborne particles [physical effects] without change any of the physical characteristics. That’s mean the matter keep all of the original physical properties and exceptional advantage use to have before.

Furthermore, all theses operations process are energy more efficiently consumption, otherwise, this is total performing procedure open opportunity for recycling the matter. Additions include, this efficient process also open possibilities for recycling, furthermore, an option to valorization of industrial residues and waste. Moreover, this could classify in green technology. [environmentally clean tech].

Few decade ago true today without detoxified asbestos  

Asbestos has had exceptional properties and has drawn the attention of several industrialists of its qualities, such as its resistance to heat, fire, tension, electric and chemical attacks and its absorption power.  At this time, it is no others efficient solutions.

Since few decades, many resources were deployed trying to solve the major asbestos problem flakiness of the fibers [potential carcinogenicity caused from airborne particles]. In parallel more than ever population from around the planet want research a solution. The increasing list of countries banning all usage and production of toxic asbestos.

Experiments from the majority of research conclude when they transform the asbestos fibers they controlled the particles, at the same time the concept totally destroys the matter and, furthermore, use a high energy consumption needed to heat up to 1400 C. for this process [vitrifying asbestos process]. After all the matter sent directly to landfills, it is a big impact for environment, causing a lack of recycling capabilities. 

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