Accomplishment [Prototype]

  • Elaboration of an action plan which has for objective the financial plan of this challenge.
  • Grouping of a team of laboratory experts to analyze samplings of air and matter
  • Development of an prototype to control the volatility of asbestos particles
  • Establishment of a strategy to protect the intellectual rights of this invention by acquiring a patent and several other pending patents in other countries concerned by the exploitation and the exportation of this ore
  • Elaboration of a PCT file, an international level certificate
  • Obtaining of the United States Patent US summer [2005]
  • Obtaining of a South Africa patent autumn  [2005]
  • Issue of an Eurasia patent autumn [2005]
  • ]Issue of an European patent autumn [2005]
  • [June 2006] Exposition « Standex Exhibit Trade Show » Pittsburg PA USA
  • Conception of a first web site [2006]
  • Publicise the project using different social medias Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn [2008-2011]
  • Participation of Mission Trade of South Africa partnership with Universite Laval of Quebec QC. Canada [may - june 2013]   



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