In the spring of 1998 is the first meeting between Madam Lisette Voisine entrepreneur in fashion design and Mister Luc Bouchard autonomous entrepreneur in the field of specialized road transportation. The chemistry settles down between them and they synergize together. They decide to take care of a huge international challenge to make asbestos secure.

During the winter of 2001, they slowly start to research for information and for service providers bound to this project type, among which are some firms specialized in rights of intellectual properties and varied financing structures.

Soon after that, they create equipment designs that will be constructed to measure to finalize concept.

Among others, two portable, watertight and transparent working compartments were designed to measure, for the requirements of this most complex challenge, to be able to safely work in them without contaminating the environment. Each of both trial eras had their own function, the first one being to take samples of air with contaminated material whereas the other unit consisted in taking air sampling results of particles of asbestos treated by the thermal process. The multiple procedures allowed to completely controlling the volatility of asbestos that previously made it harmful.

A specialized firm well known for its analysis of air and ore samplings from Montreal proceeded to the comparison of the results to conclude that the chrysotile effectively kept all its advantages and properties. The conclusion thus turned out a success without contradictions.

Unfortunately Madam Voisine died from a breast cancer in January, 2006. Ever since then, Mister Luc Bouchard is left alone to pilot this large-scale project which does not stop expanding.




  • Elaboration of an action plan which has for objective the financial plan of this challenge.
  • Grouping of a team of laboratory experts to analyze samplings of air and matter
  • Development of an effective method to control the volatility of asbestos chrysotile fibers
  • Establishment of a strategy to protect the intellectual rights of this invention by acquiring a patent and several other pending patents in other countries concerned by the exploitation and the exportation of this ore
  • Elaboration of a PCT file, an international level certificate
  • Obtaining of the United States Patent US summer, 2005
  • Obtaining of a South Africa patent autumn, 2005
  • Issue of an Eurasia patent autumn, 2005
  • Issue of an European patent autumn 2005
  • June 2006 Exposition « Standex Exhibit Trade Show » Pittsburg PA USA
  • Conception of a web site summer 2006
  • Publicise the project using different social medias 2008 Facebook and 2009 twitter


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